Candidate Financial Reporting

Each candidate who runs in a Municipal Election must file a Financial Statement (Form 4) with the Municipal Clerk. These statements will be made public.

Campaign period

The campaign period starts from the time a candidate submits their nomination and ends either:

  • January 3, 2023; or
  • If a candidate withdraws their nomination, the campaign period ends on the day of the withdrawal or is deemed withdrawn because they had filed a new nomination, as the case may be; or
  • On Nomination Day, if the Clerk rejects the nomination under s.35 of the Act; or
  • On the day the candidate files the documents under section 88.25, as long as the documents are filed after voting day and before December 31 in the year of a regular election. This year, December 31 falls on a weekend, and therefore, documents must be filed before January 3, 2023.

If the candidate has a deficit at the time the campaign period would otherwise end, the period may continue to June 30, 2023, or until the deficit is erased (whichever is earlier) provided the candidate notifies the Municipal Clerk in writing on the prescribed form on or before January 3, 2023, of their intention to extend the period.

Financial reporting details

View the Candidates’ Manual for details about the financial reporting requirements of candidates.


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