Are you interested in running for office?

Are you interested in running for the Municipality of Clarington Council or a local school board? Nominations will be accepted from May 2, 2022, until 2 p.m. on August 19, 2022. If you are interested in running for local office, the following general guidelines may assist you until the nomination period opens on May 2. This information is provided as a courtesy to all potential candidates.


  • Solicit campaign donations before becoming a candidate
  • Hold fundraisers before registering as a candidate
  • Accept goods and services or other non-monetary donations before registering as a candidate - these are still campaign contributions
  • Use resources from personal businesses to promote your future candidacy (e.g. print materials, signs, advertising, etc.) - these are still campaign contributions
  • Incur expenses before registering as a candidate. Not sure what qualifies as an expense? Refer to section 88.19 of the Municipal Elections Act


  • Express your interest in running for office - it's okay to be clear about your intentions to register
  • Read about your obligations as a potential candidate
  • Read or ask about the Municipality’s election practices and previous elections
  • Learn about serving on a municipal council - prepare yourself for the role

Exercise caution. If you think your actions may be construed as incurring campaign expenses or soliciting contributions outside of the campaign period, consider whether engaging in that activity is necessary before you can register on May 2 and your campaign officially begins.

Accessible debates

Although the Municipal Clerk's Division does not coordinate, nor participate in, candidate meetings or debates, the Municipal Clerk's Division strongly urges all organizers of Candidate meetings or debates to ensure that the event is held in an accessible venue.

Please see the Accessible All Candidates Meetings booklet for more information on accessible debates.


Use of corporate resources for election purposes

Before May 1, in the year of a regular election, municipalities and local boards shall establish rules and procedures for using municipal or board resources, as the case may be, during the election campaign period. Please note the following:

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