Third Party Advertiser Information Package

If you intend to register as a third party advertiser for the Clarington Municipal Election, we encourage you to review the Third Party Advertisers' Manual to learn more about the forms and documents listed below in the Third Party Advertiser Information Package.

Third Party Advertiser Information Package

Printed copies of the Third Party Advertiser Information Package are available at the Municipal Administrative Centre. We encourage candidates to make an appointment to ensure a printed copy is ready and available for you to pick up. Please call 905-697-4747 to book an appointment.

  1. Registration Information
    1. Third Party Registration Form (Form 7)
    2. Personal Information Release Form – Third Party Advertisers
  2. Clarington’s Third Party Advertisers’ Manual
  3. Maps, Signs and Advertising
    1. 2022 Ward Map
    2. Clarington Election Signs Summary
    3. Clarington Election Sign By-law
    4. Notice to Broadcasters and Publishers
  4. Financial Forms and Information
    1. Financial Statement for Third Party Advertisers (Form 8)
    2. Financial Statement – Supplemental Expenses (Form 5)
    3. Notice of Extension of Campaign (Form 6)
    4. Letter to Banks
  5. Policies and Procedures
    1. Clarington Municipal Elections Clerk’s Procedures and Rules
    2. Policy F110, Use of Corporate Resources for Election Purposes
    3. Clarington Library’s Use of Corporate Resources for Election Purposes Policy
  6. Accessibility Information
    1. Clarington’s Municipal Elections Accessibility Plan
    2. An “Accessible Campaign Information and Communication” document provided by the AODA.
  7. External Resources
    1. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing – Third Party Advertisers’ Guide

Note: The information provided in this package is prepared for convenience only. For complete and accurate reference, review of the applicable Provincial legislation should be conducted. The onus is on persons intending to run for office to ensure they are qualified and that all forms being submitted are complete and accurate. Only one copy of each component is provided. The Third Party Advertiser is responsible for making additional copies.

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